it’s spring in Texas

And you know what that means.

Kite flying.

Swing sets.

Climbing backwards up the slide.

Picking every flower that dares to blossom.

And miniature fruit kebabs on toothpicks.

In another couple of months, it’ll be so hot that “outside” will be something we only want to see through the window. But right now, the sun is out, the breeze is blowing, and every single minute seems like a miracle.

2 Responses to “it’s spring in Texas”

  1. detes says:

    This spring is lovely..too bad about summer.

  2. jsph booker says:

    Summers in Texas are brutal for sure. I stayed in this little town called Marathon a few years back and I think that little town must be blessed with unusually mild summer temps. I made the mistake of spending a week in Dallas during August, Well, Ive never returned back to Texas since. Great memories though.