video: what are you grateful for?

I am lucky in a thousand ways this summer.  And one of them is that I get to help host a Secret Mission for the Dream Lab at Mondo Beyondo.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 3.36.42 AM

Here’s what it is:  My friends at Mondo Beyondo want to inspire folks to create guerilla goodness in the world–acts of kindness or love that help make the world a better place.

There are some great examples of guerilla goodness.  Hope Notes.  The You Are Beautiful project.  It’s people putting a loving message out into the world.

I’ve always wanted to do something like that.  In college, I made metal signs with bits of poetry on them and put them up around campus.  I love private things said in public ways, intimate things said to strangers–I’m fascinated by it all.  I also love signs.  And letters.  And words.  And hope.

And so, the Secret Mission.  How could I resist?

I decided I’d paint some big, red letters–and in the process, just for fun, I’d make a stop-motion movie using my camera.

And that turned out to be my favorite part of the whole thing.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 3.37.55 AM

Here’s the video.  It was the perfect way for me to send the world a hope note.  I’m amazed at how I never end up where I think I’m going to.  But I always seem to wind up in the right spot.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 3.36.49 AM

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  • Amy July 7, 2010  

    This is one of the most freaking coolio videos I have witnessed in I don’t know…ever! Bright technicolor YUM! Thanks for following those bread crumbs! 😉

  • Carol Ross July 7, 2010  

    Just finished the book Linchpin, by Seth Godin and your video reminds of two points made in the book:

    1) Be an artist
    2) Be generous in giving your gifts

    Thanks, Katherine, for being both. This is the magic of the Internet and connecting with good stuff in the world.

  • Ninotchka July 7, 2010  


  • Erika July 7, 2010  

    Wonderful! Do you know the 29 gifts blog? Similar.


  • traceyclark July 7, 2010  

    how is it that you keep getting better and better at this video thing. WOW! this is awesome beyond awesome.

  • Deidre July 7, 2010  


  • Arlene July 7, 2010  

    Awesome! So creative and packed full of meaning. Thanks for sharing!

  • Deborah Reber July 7, 2010  

    I found your site through my friend Melissa Wardy. I LOVE your video. What a burst of creative inspiration you’ve just given me. Thank you!

  • Jennifer Gandin Le July 7, 2010  

    This is simply wonderful, like a drink of cool water on a hot day. Thank you for reminding me that the most satisfying creativity is rarely linear!

  • Cara July 7, 2010  

    Your videos (and books) never cease to amaze me. Thanks!

  • Abigail and Mark July 7, 2010  

    We think it’s fabulous and Mark went on to comment that you are “such a girl.” It’s a compliment and it’s a great thing.
    Thank you for this. x

  • Deb July 8, 2010  

    YOU are so talented, Katherine!!!
    I am so grateful I get to enjoy your many gifts!

  • Wendy July 8, 2010  

    LOVE this! You are so very, very talented 🙂

  • Kristina Riggle July 8, 2010  


  • kimberly July 8, 2010  

    I love your videos! You always have the best music and such original ideas!

  • Denise Schwalm July 11, 2010  

    WOW!I loved it! MORE Please!

  • sarah July 12, 2010  

    thank you for your inspiration. never done this before but totally ran with it (using your framework) to make my husbands 40th birthday blog entry. amazing. thank you thank you thank you.

  • YveeB July 15, 2010  

    I love it! Incl. the Fiskars scissors and the so familar cat on the table in the middle of a project scenario

  • vickie August 9, 2010  

    Beautiful way to start the day!

    Thank you,


  • Custom Closets Minnesota July 26, 2011  

    I really liked the video! It was very colorful, you must have a decent camera! I liked the legos at the end too haha

  • cloud9design February 17, 2013  

    Love this! Found you through Kelly Rae’s ebook link.