Top reasons to JOIN the MAILING LIST!Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 9.21.11 AM1.  Because you’ll never miss a book!

Turns out, social media sites are fun, but not reliable for getting the word out about a new book. Katherine can’t, for example, just send a note to all her Facebook fans because Facebook decides who sees what in a complicated algorithm.  The only way to be sure you don’t miss anything is to cut out the middleman and get on Katherine’s list!

2.  Because it’s easy.

Sign up in two seconds.  If you ever change your mind, unsubscribe just as fast. Katherine sends a couple of emails every spring when new books come out, and periodically at other times when there’s exciting news.

3.  Because you get exclusive offers and swag that nobody else does.

Every email offers the chance to win something–a signed book, a bracelet, a care package with bubble bath, a t-shirt–and also includes links to all kinds of goodness: deleted scenes from books, essays and guest posts Katherine’s written, movie news, info on upcoming classes.

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And if you’ve just read one of Katherine’s books — and if you liked it (or even loved it) — please know that the very best thing you can do is spread the word!!

More and more these days, books rely on word-of-mouth. Things that might seem small — an email to friends, a review on Goodreads or Amazon, a post on Facebook, a mention to your book club, or even just telling a pal in conversation — can really help the books find their readers.

*One fantastic woman sent a message to all her Sorority sisters.  No pressure!


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Katherine’s always delighted to visit book clubs in or near Houston. And even if you’re not close to Houston, there’s always SKYPE!!  It’s a free service and easy to download!  Contact Katherine to set up a visit.

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Katherine Center at home in Texas, Skyping with a library book club in Ohio.


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